Taking control and defining a career strategy for your future has never been more critical or more difficult.

For some, a career redirection has been thrust upon them. For others, they aspire to accomplish something different than what they are currently doing, whether that is a new position or starting a new company. HRDS has a program designed for both situations. HRDS has partnered with Flank 5 Academy to offer an intensive, fun, and strategic three day workshop to give you clarity, strategies, and a network to realize your professional aspirations. This program offers a fundamentally different conversation about charting your future, heightening job satisfaction, expanding your horizon around career and professional development, and examining strategies to maximize career satisfaction.

People do not achieve success because they have the right degrees or the right resumes. People achieve success when they align their distinct skills to a specific and meaningful purpose for them (their competitive advantage), have an action oriented plan, supports to keep them accountable, and a blended understanding of both their psychological barriers and assets, as well as business strategy.

Join us for an impactful 3 days of peer-to-peer learning and discovery and walk away with a connected, supportive, accountable team to achieve far greater progress than anything you can do on an individual basis. These sessions are conducted on Friday through Sunday at 1871, Chicago’s premiere technology incubator located in the Merchandise Mart in the heart of Chicago’s downtown loop. The tuition for the program is $2,300. Participants are responsible for their airfare and hotel. Most meals will be provided Current and former SJSM students are eligible for a $1,800 scholarship provided by HRDS.

Over the course of the career management program, you, as a participant, will:

  • Develop a Personal Success Profile
  • Conduct a StrengthsFinder® Assessment – a diagnostic tool developed by Gallup, based on thousands of interviews and assessments, to help identify your distinctive strengths.
  • Receive your DiSC profile – cutting-edge insight into your working style behavioral profile. Different from your strengths, the DiSC assessment provides a clear picture of how you work so that you can begin to align your professional life in a way that helps you do your best work.
  • Map your Personal Success Profile to your career aspirations
  • Understand the “psychology of starting” and learn tools to overcome fear, doubt and procrastination
  • Define your career aspirations, value proposition, ‘Career Competitive Advantage’ and near term plan
  • Participate in an on-going community of your fellow program participants – your new network of colleagues and thought partners


If you want to learn more, please contact Rick Connor at rconnor@mail.sjsm.org.