As an organization, HRDS has been focused on serving the health care industry through its medical school campuses. This commitment will continue to be a top priority for the organization. In addition, HRDS is also committed to helping fund early stage U.S. based companies that are committed to improving the public’s welfare primarily in the healthcare industry under the Entrepreneur Development Program (EDP) banner.

Unlike traditional investor groups, the EDP wants its portfolio companies to be the primary beneficiaries of their own hard efforts. Part of this success will come from being a part of a portfolio company group which shares best practices. As such, HRDS offers very generous buyback options for each of its portfolio companies. This effort is managed by the HRDS Entrepreneur Center. Initial funding requests can be directed to Rick Connor at

In order to evaluate the feasibility of an emerging business, it is important that we review the degree of progress that has been made since the company was conceived. Please answer the following questions. Take as much space as you need to provide a complete answer. If you have a formal business plan that addresses some or all of the questions below, please attach the plan and make appropriate references to the plan by the questions below.

  1. Define the business.
  2. Why is this a good idea?
  3. What makes your product/service unique and superior to your competitors’ products?
  4. Have you done any formal market research that includes surveying potential customers? If so, describe.
  5. What is your monthly sales volume?
  6. What are your funding requirements and how will the funds be utilized?
  7. Have you done a financial analysis that includes product forecasting? If so, please include.
  8. What are the major risks to achieving success?
  9. How do you plan on mitigating these risks?


Your responses will be maintained in strict confidentiality. We will respond within 1 week of receiving your information.